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Mike Avery's handout on Deep Dropping!

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Mid-Atlantic Boat Show
January 29-31 2016

We had a great time 29-31 JAN 2016 at the Mid-Atlantic Boat Show. At our Norfolk Angler's Club Booth, we met a lot of great folks. We gained a few new members and will have some new folks join us at our next Club Meeting. Many thanks to the Club Members who Volunteered for the Booth, setup, manning, and cleanup:

Kathy Eisenhower Dr "Ike Eisenhower
Wendy Bransom  Will Bransom
Sandy Sainz  Bert Sainz
Michel Smith  Ned Smith
Marvin Chivers 
Ben Capps
Kevin Synowiec 
Gary Waddell
Mary Troutner Henry Troutner
Mike Griffith 
Mike Delbridge
Kelly Hoggart

Annual Fall NAC Picnic
October 17, 2015

The Norfolk Anglers Club had a great time at their Annual Fall Picnic. Special thanks to Will and Wendy for hosting and to all who helped set up and take down the event. Our cooks below kept busy making all the fixings consisting of Oysters, Blue Crab, Pork BBQ, Hamburger and Smoked Sausage. Many of the NAC ladies brought delicious side dishes of cole slaw, pasta salad, mac n' cheese, salad and home made rolls. We also had very tasty deserts of pumpkin pie, chocolate cake, snicker doodle cookies, cream puffs, eclairs and lemon cake.

5 Fish Tournament
August 22nd, 2015

The Club held the 5 Fish Tournament on August 22nd at Vinings Landing Marine Center. We had more than 20 Anglers participating and battling a North wind at 20-25 knots. With everyone fishing protected waters of Lynnhaven Inlet, Little Creek, Elizabeth River, and Lafayette River we didn't have any Spadefish or Bluefish brought in. More than 15 Spot, Croaker and Flounder were brought for measure. The first on the Leader Board was young Aiden Wentworth. Fishing in Little Creek he brought in a 8 1/4 in Croaker to take an early lead! Top honors went to a new NAC member Josh Glaser for bringing in 1st & 2nd place Spot and a 2nd place Croaker. $50 Gift Cards to Boater's Warehouse were given for 1st Place categories and $25 Gift Cards for the 2nd Place finishers. A special THANK YOU for the volunteers who help set up, cook, and serve all the participants. Most of all, THANKS to all the Club members who enjoyed the day with us.

1st Place Spot - Josh Glaser
2nd Place Spot - Josh Glaser

1st Place Croaker - Marvin Chivers
2nd Place Croaker - Josh Glaser

1st Place Flounder - Ben Capps
2nd Place Flounder - Ned Smith

Fifth Annual Youth Head Boat Fishing Trip

August 15th, 2016

The Head Boat Trip on the Judith Ann with the Kids from the East Ocean View Community Center went off without any glitches and fun was had by all. We had about 47 kids and a dozen NAC members assisting the kids for the trip.

The boat was captained by Ronnie Boone, owner of the Judith Ann. We fished the Thimble Shoals Channel between the First and Second Islands of the CBBT to begin with but couldnít seem to find the croaker bite that Iíd heard of. CAPT Ron then pulled us real close to the bridge on the ocean side north of the Second Island so the kids could catch some of the juvenile black Sea Bass and the kids really seemed to enjoy catching them. None were big enough to keep but that didnít seem to matter. It was hot on the water to begin with but once the NE wind kicked in later in the morning, it felt great to be on the water. One of the kids caught the first Flounder of the season on the Judith Anne, confirmed by one of the Judith Ann's Mates.

We all had a great time on the water and Iím sure they are looking forward to doing it again next year. I have secured VMRCís approval for doing it again in 2017.

After the fishing trip the Ocean View Community Center was the site for the Kids Cookout. The Anglers Club hosted the cookout with hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, watermelon, and some of Michel Smithís homemade Mac ín Cheese. Special Thanks to Michel for adding the homemade touch and to Bert Sainz & Johnsonville for the hot dogs. They were a big hit and the kids lit into them like baby Sea Bass on fresh squid.

Thanks everyone who helped out! 

Hunt for the Hardheads Club Challenge
May 14th, 2016

Congratulations for our Hunt for Hardheads Fishing Team! They fished against the other Southside Fishing Clubs scoring points with their Croaker and Bluefish catch placing second for the Norfolk Anglers Club. Well Done!


Holiday Party!

December, 2016

The 2016 Holiday Party was a lot of fun. Thanks to Sea Tow Hampton Roads for providing the beautiful Poinsettias and to Will and Wendy Bransom for setting up/decorating.

We really enjoyed listening to N’ Tune again this year at the party. Thanks to Kevin Synowiec for
bringing in this fun group: Lead: Kevin, Baritone: Lawrence Hiebert, Tenor: Henry Hancock and Bass: Bill Banks. Our party just would not be the same without them! CONGRATS to Bert Sainz for winning the Sea Tow Membership!  

We had a lot of fun with the Chinese gift exchange, check out the grinches in the pictures. Check out the rest of our pictures from the Holiday Party in the Norfolk Anglers Club January 2017 Wireline, you can download it from this website.



We held our Annual Awards Banquet at the Aberdeen Barn & Steakhouse on 18 FEB 2017. Everyone enjoyed a delicious buffet and deserts. Our Individual Raffles were great fun as usual; check out the items in the March 2017 Wireline. Tom Hubert did a great job once again as the Announcer.

Thanks to everyone who helped with setup and cleanup!

Congratulations to our 2016 Freshwater and Saltwater Anglers Award Winners!  

Dr. Ike Eisenhower was awarded the Freshwater Angler of the year and Beth Synowiec was awarded the Saltwater Angler of the Year.  Beth also was awarded the Overall Angler of the Year.  Tom Hubert did a fantastic job once again as the Announcer!

Check out our other award winners!


Beth Synowiec: 2016 Overall Saltwater, Keep & Release Angler of the Year

Release: Sailfish, 
Striped Bass, Sheepshead,

Golden Tilefish, Dolphin, Bluefish

Dr Ike Eisenhower: 2016 Overall Freshwater Angler of the Year,

Shellcracker Sunfish, Blue Catfish

Alex Perez Jr: 2016 Junior Angler Award: Red Drum, 2016 

Species Award for Spanish Mackerel

Kevin Synowiec: 2016 Species Award Tautog

Alex Perez Sr: 2016 Release: Red Drum

Steve Harding: 2016 Species Award for Crappie and Pompano

Ned Smith: 2016 Release Chain Pickerel
2016 Species
Award: Speckled Trout

Mike Delbridge: 2016 Species Award Black Sea Bass
Release: Amberjack