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  • Next Meeting:
    December 10th @ 7:00pm

    Guest Speaker: In lieu of a guest speaker at our December meeting we'll be
    holding our Member's only Holiday Gift Exchange. Some call it a Yankee Gift Swap
    or White Elephant Gift Exchange, whatever you want to call it, it can
    be great fun. To participate bring along a wrapped gift in the $15
    range. We'll collect the gift and give you a raffle ticket. We'll then
    use the ticket to randomly set the order to select a gift.

    Holiday Gift Exchange Rules

    - Gifts range $15
    - When you're selected you can pick a wrapped gift or select one
    that's already been opened.
    - Gifts must be opened once selected.
    - If the gift you opened is selected by someone else you can then
    select a wrapped gift or grab someone else's unwrapped gift. but
    you can't take back the one you just had.
    - Gifts can only be swiped twice. Meaning, the gift once opened can
    be taken by someone else and then taken a second time. After that
    the gift isn't available to change ownership again.
    - There can be only three gift "swipes" during a turn. After the third
    gift "swipe" the next person draws an unwrapped gift...and we begin again.

    Topic: Member's only Holiday Party!

Meeting Location:

7525 Tidewater Drive
(In the Southern Shopping Center)
Norfolk, VA

Toys for Tots...A BOAT LOAD OF SUCCESS!...Thank You!

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The purpose of the Norfolk Anglers Club shall be the promotion of legislation, customs and practices for the protection, propagation and conservation of fish and related creatures of both salt and fresh water.

The Norfolk Anglers Club shall be concerned with the entertainment and education of its members and the promotion of good fellowship and true sportsmanship amongst all anglers.